Concrete Ramps Vs. Rubber Ramps | Top 3 Differences

Concrete ramps and rubber ramps are two different solutions to mobility that are often

They both have their own benefits, and people often find it difficult to decide when it comes to
choosing between concrete and rubber ramps. Check out our blog post to the end to help yourself

Why are ramps important?

Ramps act as bridges to access elevated surfaces. They can help us in several situations and are
super beneficial in terms of increasing mobility for elderly and disabled people.

Elderly and disabled people can enter or leave their residences easily with the accessibility of ramps.
Ramps are also used in commercial spaces to minimize the risk of injuries and accidents.


Concrete Ramp

Concrete ramps

As the name suggests, concrete ramps are walkways or small slabs constructed to increase mobility.
Concrete ramps exist since the time of the Roman empire.

Even though concrete is strong and solid, it may fracture or break down due to expansion and

Rubber ramps

Rubber ramps are the modern version of concrete ramps known for their durability and flexibility.
Nowadays, people prefer rubber ramps over concrete ramps for many reasons including their

Products made from recycled rubber exist in a variety of shapes and heights. Rubber ramps or
reducers are attached to the floor with a high-quality silicone adhesive and have a long service life.
It’s critical to choose a recycled rubber ramp product with a good durometer rating (this indicates
the density or hardness of the product).

Many manufacturers utilize silicone or a similar substance as a mould release agent, thus it’s critical to
indicate that there is none on the product. This may cause problems with the rubber’s ability to
adhere to the substrate.

Difference between concrete and rubber ramp


Installation of rubber ramps is usually quick and easy. It is more labor-friendly and hence can save
cost as well. Whereas concrete ramps can take a significant amount of time to construct.
Also, cement ramps come with more permanent features. Whereas rubber ramps are perfect for
permanent as well as temporary modifications. They can also be made according to the required
specifications and can easily be cut into and around doorways.

Slip resistance

Most of the rubber ramps available in the market provide superior slip resistance. It is one of the
most important features and has significant importance to the people.
Using anti-slip materials on the surfaces of ramps is essential because of their steep slopes. The
chance of slipping and falling when traveling down a hill rises dramatically if you don't take the right

measures. Slippery ramps make it difficult to utilize them. However, installing a slip-resistant surface
on them can easily prevent accidents, making the structures much safer to use.
Concrete ramps are slippery in nature unless grip tapes are applied. To know more about the anti-
slip tape from Mobility Access, click here.


Cleaning a rubber ramp is very easy. It can be easily washed with soap and water. Rubber ramps are
basically durable and maintenance-free.

Where cleaning concrete ramps is the same as cleaning a driveway. One can use chemicals or a
water jet to bring back the shine in your concrete ramp.

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