Grab Rails

Are grab rails available in varied lengths?

Our exclusive range of grab rails is available in varying lengths to suit your needs. These include: 300mm, 450mmmm, 600mm, 750mm and 900mm rail.

What is meant by a narrow flange or single hole fix?

Narrow flange or single hole fix grab rails are smaller, measuring 25mm in diameter.

These are an excellent choice for tight spaces such as door architraves and areas where traditional flange plates may not fit.

Can grab rails be installed anywhere in my home?

Yes, grab rails are excellent additional support for stairways, bathrooms and the shower.

They can be installed into either studs or concrete walls.

I don’t have studs where I need extra support. Can I still have a grab rail installed?

Yes, you can. For this type of application, we install modular grab rails to extend and catch further available studs.

Alternatively, our tradespeople can fit additional timber supports to assist the overall grab rail solution.

Do grab rails come in a range of finishes?

Yes, our range of grab rails is available in many finishes to suit your style. These include brushed satin, polished chrome, peened (firm grip), ripple ivory and ripple white.

Can you customise the colour of my grab rail?

If our selection of colours does not suit your style, we can paint our vast range with gloss enamel or, for an additional charge, arrange for them to be powder coated.

What is the weight capacity of grab rails?

As all grab rails are installed to studs, the weight bearing capacity is ~120kg similar to that of studs.

Modular Rails

What lengths are modular rails available in?

As the name suggests, modular rails can be cut or extended to size required.

What diameter is the rail available in?

All modular rails are 32mm in diameter.

What are types of modular rails?

Modular rails can either be:

  • Straight for horizontal or vertical placement
  • L-shaped extending two walls horizontally
  • L-shaped on the same wall with horizontal or vertical support
  • T-shaped on the same wall
  • U-shaped extending on three walls
  • 30 or 40 degree angled support
  • Other combinations from the above

What are the available finishes for modular rails?

The modular rails are available in brushed satin, smooth ivory and smooth white.

The modular pipes are available in brushed satin, peened (firm grip), ripple ivory and ripple white.

Banister Rails

Grab rail vs banister rail

Banister rails are entirely customisable. Available as wall-mounted or free-standing and in various lengths, making them an ideal option for any space.

Alternatively, grab rails are available in standard lengths and sizes and are only able to be wall-mounted.

What materials are banister rails manufactured from?

We utilise many materials to manufacture our banister rails. Standard banisters are made of 35mm galvanised metal. Timber, wrought iron and stainless steel banisters are also available at an additional cost.

Do banisters come in a range of finishes?

Our range of galvanised banisters is available in several finishes to suit your style. These include: galvanised (as is) or painted with our selection of gloss enamel paints in white, black, classic cream, cottage green, brown, manor red or woodlands grey.

Powder Coating is also available.

How are banisters secured?

Wall-mounted banister rails are secured to studs or attached directly onto concrete walls.

What if I need banister rails on a curved path or steps?

Our range of banisters is entirely customisable; they can be installed in most applications, including straight and curved paths and stairs.

How long can a banister be?

Our range of banisters can be custom designed to any length. We can also weld and manufacture larger balustrades onsite.

Hand Showers

Can the shower head be kept with the new hand shower hose?

Yes, if requested with a use of a diverter or switchcock, the existing shower head and new hand shower hose can be installed together. However, this only applies to standard shower heads.

Can the hand shower hose be installed for a gravity fed water system?

Yes, we have a special hand shower hose for gravity fed water systems. This will need to be mentioned on the quote request so we may quote for the required option. Gravity fed water systems however cannot support a diverter so a hand shower hose will replace a fixed shower head.

What are the types of hand shower systems?

Generally, we have 4 types of hand showers:

  • Standard hand shower with a wall hook
  • Gravity fed hand shower
  • Hand shower on a plastic slider (not weight bearing)
  • Hand shower on a heavy duty grab rail (weight bearing)

Will installation of a hand shower hose impact or alter plumbing?

No, installation of a hand shower will not impact or alter any plumbing to the property. However, pre-existing plumbing issues may affect the hand shower once installed.

Lever Taps

What exactly are lever taps?

¼ Lever taps are are an excellent solution to replace traditional taps and makes using the taps easy with no pressure.

Do they include changeover of spout?

No, generally lever taps refer only to 2x sets of handles (hot and cold each) however spouts can be changed to match at request and will incur additional charge.

Do lever taps alter existing plumbing?

No, lever taps will not alter any existing plumbing. Pre-existing plumbing issues will not be fixed by these either.

Does the installation cause any damage?

No, this is a simple changeover of handles and does not cause damage to existing fixtures.

Can these be customised?

We only have our standard lever taps available, however if a specific model is required, we can have that supplied and installed at an additional cost. However, it will be the requestor’s responsibility to ensure the requested product is compatible to existing systems.

Shower Inserts

What is the material for the shower base inserts?

MAM shower base inserts are made of high density polyethylene.

Are shower base inserts slippery?

No, the shower base inserts are non-slip.

Will the shower base inserts hold up or clog the drain?

The shower base inserts are self draining and as such will not clog the drain.

How do I clean beneath the insert?

The shower base inserts are installed with “finger pulls” which allow for them to be lifted off to access the area underneath and clean.

How much do shower base inserts weigh?

The weight depends on size but an 800mm x 800mm standard shower base insert weighs roughly 8kg.

What is the weight capacity of shower base inserts?

The general weight capacity is 150kg.

Shower Curtain & Tracks

Can a shower curtain and track be installed for baths?

Yes, we can install the shower curtain and track for baths.

Can a shower curtain and track be customised?

Yes, we can customise shower curtains as well as tracks as required.

What is a shower curtain rod?

Generally, the rod we install has suctions and cause no damage. These are usually installed upon removal of shower doors – between the side panel and walk.

What is a shower curtain track?

Shower curtain tracks are made of aluminium and can be straight or L-shaped. These are screwed into the walls for installation.

How heavy are the shower curtains?

Our shower curtains weigh 200 grams per square meter.

Are the rods and tracks weight bearing?

No, the rods and tracks are not designed to be weight bearing. Tugging at them or hanging on for support can cause them to dismantle.

Are finished sizes for shower curtains accurate?

Shower curtain sizes may vary. They could be under or over 10mm in length.

Non-Slip Floor Treatment

How long does the non-slip treatment last?

If the recommended drying period is allowed and proper care is taken, the treatment can last over 5-10 years.

How long does the treatment take to dry?

The treatment can take up to 48 hours to dry. During this time, foot traffic may leave marks.

What colour is the treatment?

The treatment is clear/transparent.

Will the treatment damage the existing flooring?

No, the treatment will not damage existing flooring. The only alteration to the existing surface will be a “gritty” feel to make the floor non-slip.

What is the aftercare required for the treatment?

We do not recommend the use of harsh bleach or chemicals to clean. Other than the drying period it does not require any specific aftercare.

Can this be applied to any surface?

The treatment can be applied to almost all surfaces. For certain surfaces like concrete we may do a part combination with paint and grit.

What preparation does the floor need prior to the treatment?

– For internal areas, we recommend moving anything on the floor that may impede the treatment such as mats, small furniture etc. These can be placed back again after 48 hours.

– For shower areas, we recommend you give the area a general clean up if possible and to not take a shower or get the area wet on the day of the scheduled treatment.

– For external areas, the area may need to be pressure or acid washed prior to treatment, MAM will take care of this. If required, MAM will come back another day to paint this.

Plastic Chair Raisers

What size Chair Raiser should I use?

The correct height for each installation needs to be worked out by an Occupational Therapist or
other suitably trained professional.

My furniture has square legs. Can I use Chair Raisers?

Yes, as long as the leg fits within the “well” on the top of the Chair Raiser. If the leg is too big for
the well, add a Chair Raiser Biscuit.

My furniture has castors or wheels. Can I use Chair Raisers?

The answer is probably yes. The wells on the Chair Raisers are designed to accept common castor
sizes. You may also be able to remove the castors to make the leg fit into the Chair Raisers.

Should I get the little mats?

The mats fit in the wells of the Chair Raisers, under the legs of the furniture, to reduce movement.
They are not usually necessary for safety, but many people do prefer to use them.

What are chair raiser biscuits used for?

Chair raiser biscuits allow chair raiser to be used with oversize legs. The biscuit is screwed into the
bottom of the leg and provides a firm anchor, which prevents the furniture sliding off.

Stove Timers

Do you supply in Melbourne?

We provide supply + installation services in Melbourne. We do not sell in Victoria.

How frequently do they need to be serviced?

Servicing required in 24 months for electrical parts and 12 months for plumbing parts.

Is there a light indicator on the timer that turns on for the duration?

There is an LED light on the timer switch that illuminates when the timer is activated and stays on for the duration.

If the flame is not working, will the gas automatically turn off or stay on for the designated time?

The gas will stay on for the set duration.

Is the timer hidden and out of view?

Plumbing components are hidden from view in the cupboard. Timer switch and key switch are visible and located within 1m from the appliance.

Can you install the unit yourself?

The installation must be performed by a qualified electrician and/or plumber.

What are the access requirements to GPO (burner ignition) and gas line?

Power point must be accessible within cupboard for leads to be removed if required.

Can the timer settings be changed?

A qualified electrician needs to change the timer settings. The timer can be set between 10 minutes – 252 minutes.

What is the warranty period?

12-month warranty on all kits and parts.

Do you have an installation guide?

No, the timer and isolation systems must be installed by a qualified electrician and/or plumber.

Do you sell and post Australia wide? How long does it take to deliver?

We sell and post Australia wide except Melbourne. Delivery usually takes 3-6 days from the date of payment.

Does it meet Australian Standards? Which ones?

Electrical – AS/NZS CISPR15, AS/NZS 3100; Plumbing – AGA certified

Is the product made in Australia?

Yes, we gather the parts from local and overseas suppliers and assemble them in our Australian warehouse.

Rubber Ramps

What are the sizes available for rubber ramps?

Rubber ramps can be custom manufactured to any size needed; majority of rubber ramps are between 20mm-190mm high.

Are there colour options available for rubber ramps?

Yes, all rubber products are available in black (standard), terracotta, grey, brown or green.

What is the weight for rubber ramps?

The weights for rubber ramps vary by size. As such large ramps may be manufactured and installed in multiple pieces.

What are wings on rubber ramps?

Wings are tapered edge on sides of the rubber ramps, generally at 1:8 gradient, they allow for smooth transition on all sides approaching the ramp and eliminate lips or tripping hazards.

What are kerbings on rubber ramps?

Kerbings are edge barriers on the sides of the rubber ramps. Usually, an alternative to wings where space is not available, and recommended specially for wheelchair use. Kerbings are recommended to be installed with banister rails for added safety.

Can I use powered wheelchairs and aids on rubber ramps?

Yes, you can. However, with use of powered tools, the ramp may bear more wear and tear than with foot use especially around the edges or wings.

Can I drive my car over rubber ramps?

We do not recommend for car usage on ramps as our ramps are designed for foot and wheelchair use, the weight of the car could damage the ramp.

Will rubber ramps damage my flooring?

No, our rubber ramps are portable as such do not need any permanent fixing or screws as such do not leave impact to the area placed.

Will my rubber ramp move off place?

Lighter rubber ramps may move from the placed position, they can be secured by silicone which can be removed when required without any damage.

Are rubber ramps slippery?

Rubber ramps are non-slip., however long term stagnant water can lead to build-up of algae or moss on the product making it slippery. Cleaning and maintenance may be required to avoid this.

How can I clean rubber ramps?

You can use a vacuum cleaner or a hard-bristled brush to remove dust and dirt. A low-pressure water cleaner can be used to remove debris. Products with harsh detergents, bleach, petroleum, solvents or mechanical brushing cleaners are not recommended and may lead to damage.