Safety Modular Systems Australia Wide

Modular rails are grab rails which are designed in multiple parts and can be cut to size for length required to suit studs for maximum weight bearing capacity.

MAM has a range of designs, colors and finishes as well as sizes in stock in MAM warehouse for quick installation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What lengths are modular rails available in?

As the name suggests, modular rails can be cut or extended to size required.

What diameter is the rail available in?


What are types of modular rails?

Modular rails can either be straight for horizontal placement, L-shaped extending two walls horizontally, L-shaped on same wall with horizontal or vertical support, T-shaped on same wall, U-shaped extending to three walls, 30 or 40 degree angled support or other combinations from the above.

What are available finishes for modular rails?

The modular ends are available in brushed satin, smooth ivory & smooth white. The modular pipes are available in brushed satin, peened (firm grip), ripple ivory & ripple white.