Rubber ramps for easy access into premises

All MAM rubber ramps are manufactured in-house by our skilled team at our warehouse facility in Melbourne. They are made from 100% recycled rubber.

MAM custom manufactured rubber ramps are specially crafted to directly suit your home.

With MAM custom rubber ramps, you can customize the Width, Depth and Height of your ramp and add safety features such as wings or kerbing.

To place an order with us, please fill out our custom rubber ramp order form (see below) and email it to our sales team at

MAM delivers Australia Wide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the sizes available for rubber ramps?

Rubber ramps can be custom manufactured to any size needed; majority of rubber ramps are between 20mm-190mm high.

Are there colour options available for rubber ramps?

Yes, all rubber products are available in black (standard), terracotta, grey, brown or green.

What is the weight for rubber ramps?

The weights for rubber ramps vary by size. As such large ramps may be manufactured and installed in multiple pieces.

What are wings on rubber ramps?

Wings are tapered edge on sides of the rubber ramps, generally at 1:8 gradient, they allow for smooth transition on all sides approaching the ramp and eliminate lips or tripping hazards.

What are kerbings on rubber ramps?

Kerbings are edge barriers on the sides of the rubber ramps. Usually, an alternative to wings where space is not available, and recommended specially for wheelchair use. Kerbings are recommended to be installed with banister rails for added safety.

Can I use powered wheelchairs and aids on rubber ramps?

Yes, you can. However, with use of powered tools, the ramp may bear more wear and tear than with foot use especially around the edges or wings.

Can I drive my car over rubber ramps?

We do not recommend for car usage on ramps as our ramps are designed for foot and wheelchair use, the weight of the car could damage the ramp.

Will rubber ramps damage my flooring?

No, our rubber ramps are portable as such do not need any permanent fixing or screws as such do not leave impact to the area placed.

Will my rubber ramp move off place?

Lighter rubber ramps may move from the placed position, they can be secured by silicone which can be removed when required without any damage.

Are rubber ramps slippery?

Rubber ramps are non-slip., however long term stagnant water can lead to build-up of algae or moss on the product making it slippery. Cleaning and maintenance may be required to avoid this.

How can I clean rubber ramps?

You can use a vacuum cleaner or a hard-bristled brush to remove dust and dirt. A low-pressure water cleaner can be used to remove debris. Products with harsh detergents, bleach, petroleum, solvents or mechanical brushing cleaners are not recommended and may lead to damage.