Custom Handrails in Greater Melbourne

Safety handrails are a must for elderly people who need to move between the floors using stairs. The purpose of safety handrails is to assist people to move safely up and down the stairs.  It not only gives confidence and support to people but is also made to avoid slip and fall hazards.

Difference between grab rails and safety handrails

People often think grab rails and handrails are the same. They are installed for the same purpose- helping the less mobile people. However, grab rails are used to safely transfer fewer mobile people on and off toilets, bathrooms, or even sit or stand. Whereas handrails are mostly referred to as the ones used in stairs.

Types of safety handrails

Timber handrail: Timber rails can be wall-mounted or free-standing. Recommended for internal ramps, steps, and other access areas.

Stainless steel banister rails: Stainless steel banister rails are custom built to suit every environment. They are available in 32mm & 38mm diameter stainless steel pipes.

Safety handrail Services by MAM

Quote: To obtain a quote, please send the scope of work, measurements/diagrams & photos of the site, and reference the MAM website where possible as an example.

Installation: MAM will install the works as per the scope and Australian Standards with skilled tradesmen. MAM offers quick installation and turnaround for standard stocked items.