Easy Access

Sometimes in small spaces or doors that are not wide enough to allow smooth entry by the user, it may be beneficial to install a Surface Mounted Sliding Door. The installation of these doors enables the door to be fully out of the way of the door opening thus widening the doorway. It also increases circulation space by removing the swing door and can be easily opened in an emergency.

*MAM does not supply door automation service.

OUR SERVICES: Estimate / Measure / Consult / Design / Construct

Estimate: Please send the scope of works, measurements/diagrams & photos of site, and MAM will provide an estimate.

Measure, consult & design: MAM provides draftsman service, measure, consult and design. Please contact our office for schedule of rates.

Construct: MAM will construct the works as per the OT/Draftsman plan and Australian Standards with skilled tradesmen using durable materials.

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