Looking for a Draftsperson for your next project? Mobility Access Modifications offers a drafting service for all Major Modifications including Stepless Showers, Steps, Ramps, Concreting and Internal Door Widenings. Our expert team of estimators, project schedulers, contract administrators and engineer’s will guide you through every step of the process. If you’re living with a disability, we can even work alongside your occupational therapist (OT) to help maximise your home life!


Mobility Access Modifications offers an in house drafting service that specialises in mobility solutions ! Our Draftsperson is well versed with Australian Standards AS1428.1 and National Construction Codes (NCC) and has over 15+ years of drafting work experience.

Our Draftsperson will conduct a site inspection, gather required information and will propose options to suit your needs, site conditions and materials for construction. Following Draftsperson consultation, our team will forward you a quote for proposed works. On approval of quote the MAM Team will ensure your works are completed to suit your needs.



Benefits of Using Our Draftsperson During the Quoting Stage:

  • Accurate onsite measure and onsite consultation
  • Avoids changes to scope of work/plan due to onsite conditions – This will help minimise additional approvals and time delays.
  • Using MAM’s Major Modification services in conjunction with our Draftsman, will allow for faster turnaround times and increased cost efficiency. As a result, there is no need to outsource the work
  • Communication between the draftsman, office team and construction team will be easier and more streamlined, as they are all part of MAM.

Benefits after Approval / Construction Stage:

  • If MAM has not been onsite during the Quote stage, MAM will conduct a pre-construction measure with the OT/Client to firm up the measure, scope of works and any additional requests by the client.
  • Using our in house Draftsperson will avoid any unforeseen variations and time delays after we commence construction.














OT’s and Funding Body’s may utilise our Draftsperson service to help improve the safety of their clients home. By utilising the expertise of our Draftsperson, OT’s and Funding Body’s can identify potential hazards and suggest modifications to the home to reduce the risk of falls or other accidents. With the help of our draftsperson service, you can ensure that your client will be left feeling safe, confident and comfortable in their home.


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Download your Draftsperson Pre Appointment Checklist below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I require a Drafty service for a major modification?

For the major modifications that MAM does, we have set quote application requirements (attached for your reference). If the quote request has all the information as mentioned in the quote application requirement, we raise the job in our system and send the quote. If we do not receive all the information, we ask for more information or to organise MAM draftsperson service (visit, consult, measure, plan & quote)

* If the quote requestor directly asks for MAM draftsperson service, we directly organise it.

How do I book MAM Drafty service?

To book MAM draftsperson service, fill out the Drafty-Pre Appointment checklist and email it to mam@mobilityaccess.com.au to minimise delays.

For NDIS/SWEP/TAC/ Home Care Packages/Private Clients: Paid Site Visits. If the job is approved, MAM will credit the drafty fee from the quote or the final invoice.

Send through photos, a rough scope of work and fill our Drafty-Pre Appointment checklist, so our Draftsman is prepared.

For DVA Clients: Free Site Visits.

Send through photos and a rough scope of work and fill our Drafty-Pre Appointment checklist, so our Draftsman is prepared.

What are current lead times?

Current lead times for draftsman services are 2 weeks (14 Days)

What happens when there are changes to the approved scope of works during the pre- construction site visit?

Any additional work (not included in the approved quote) will be treated as a variation. MAM will prepare a Variation Summary which the client can pay privately or send it to funding body for additional approval.