(Rise 190mm or greater)


Ramps over 190mm high can be manufacture and installed in a 1:14 gradient. Available materials include merbau, FRP grating walkway and modwood.

MAM specialises in designing and installing ramps in Greater Melbourne by external doors to create a safe access level.  We have completed over 3000 ramps in Victoria helping people achieve independence when moving in and out of their homes. Please view our completed works gallery to see the ramps we have constructed.

OUR SERVICES: Estimate / Measure / Consult / Design / Quote / Construct

Estimate/Quote: Please send the scope of works, measurements/diagrams & photos of site, and MAM will provide an estimate or quote.

Measure, consult, design & quote: MAM provides draftsman service, measure, consult, design & quote to custom build ramps to suit your requirements. Please contact our office for schedule of rates.

Construct: MAM will construct the works as per the OT/Draftsman plan and Australian Standards with skilled tradesmen using durable materials.