Safety Grab Rails Victoria

Shower grab rails, similar to T-shape modular rails are designed specifically for shower and bath areas with horizontal and vertical support. These are installed under shower heads for support.

Inverted T - Left Hand
Inverted T - Left Hand
Inverted T - Centered
Inverted T - Centered
Inverted T - Right Hand
Inverted T - Right Hand

OUR SERVICES: Quote / Installation

Quote: To obtain a quote, please send the scope of works, measurements/diagrams & photos of site and reference MAM website where possible as an example.

Installation: MAM will install the works as per the scope and Australian Standards with skilled tradesmen. MAM offers quick installation and turnaround for standard stocked items.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can grab rails be installed in any position?

Yes, as long as there are studs available at the desired location or if it’s concrete walls.

Can you customise these rails to other colours?

Yes we can either paint with gloss enamel or powder coat for an additional charge.

What is the weight capacity of grab rails?

As all grab rails are installed to studs, the weight bearing capacity is 120kg similar to studs.

If there are no studs, can you still install rails?

Yes, in the areas without studs, either modular grab rails can be installed to extend and catch further available studs or we can install additional timber support and mount rails on them.