The kit enables you to use your gas cooktop and gas stove for the desired set time. The timer duration can be set by the electrician to any specified time range between 10 to 240 minutes. The most common time set is 20 minutes. The switch will be labeled with the pre-set time duration and located within 1000mm of the appliance.

Additionally, a key switch will be installed to isolate the gas supply. The key is removable for safety. To isolate the gas supply, simply turn the key to the off position.

To use the cooktop or stove with a timer:

1. Press the switch (timer indicator light will illuminate)

2. Turn the gas stove knob to the on position

The appliance will turn off automatically after the set time. To re-use the stove or cooktop, turn the knob back to the off position and repeat the above steps.

Optional: An optional key-operated bypass switch can be installed to override the timer to allow for the stove to be used for a longer period.

Warranty: 12 months

OUR SERVICES: Quote / Installation

Quote: To obtain a quote, please send the scope of works, measurements/diagrams & photos of site and reference MAM website where possible as an example.

Installation: MAM will install the works as per the scope and Australian Standards with skilled tradesmen. MAM offers quick installation and turnaround for standard stocked items.

The installation must be carried out by a certified electrician and/or plumber. We provide supply and install services in Melbourne.


Does it meet Australian Standards? Which ones?

Electrical – AS/NZS CISPR15, AS/NZS 3100; Plumbing – AGA certified

Do you sell and post Australia wide? How long does it take to deliver?

We sell and post Australia wide except Melbourne. Delivery usually takes 3-6 days from the date of payment. To purchase our product visit

What is the warranty period?

12-month warranty on all kits and parts.

Can the timer settings be changed?

A qualified electrician needs to change the timer settings. The timer can be set between 10 minutes – 252 minutes.

What are the access requirements to GPO (burner ignition) and gas line?

Power point must be accessible within cupboard for leads to be removed if required.

Is the timer hidden and out of view?

Plumbing components are hidden from view in the cupboard. Timer switch and key switch are visible and located within 1m from the appliance.

If the flame is not working, will the gas automatically turn off or stay on for the designated time?

The gas will stay on for the set duration.

Is there a light indicator on the timer that turns on for the duration?

There is an LED light on the timer switch that illuminates when the timer is activated and stays on for the duration.

What is a gas isolation key switch?

The gas isolation key switch can be installed as a standalone unit (kit-4) or added to the stove timer (kit-5). It allows you to control the gas supply to the appliance.

The switch is clearly labelled with “ON” and “OFF” positions. When the key is turned to the OFF position and removed, it ensures that there is no gas supply to the appliance.

Conversely, when the key is inserted and turned to the ON position, the gas supply is restored, allowing the cooktop to be used.

How does the bypass switch work?

The bypass key switch is an available add-on that enables the override of timer settings, allowing the cooktop to be used in its standard mode.

The switch positions will be clearly marked as “timer” and “bypass.” When the key is turned to the timer position and subsequently removed, it ensures that the timer is consistently functioning and active.

Conversely, when the key is inserted and turned to the bypass position, the cooktop can be used as a regular cooktop without any timer restrictions.

The key cannot be removed while in the bypass position, ensuring that users remember to switch it back to the timer position once they are done using the cooktop in its standard mode.

What if we want to cook for long periods?

You have the choice to install an additional bypass key switch, allowing you to override the stove timer settings if needed.

Can you install both add ons: timer bypass key switch and gas isolation key switch along with a stove timer?

Yes, you have the option to install both safety add-ons: the timer bypass key switch and the gas isolation key switch together with a stove timer.

How can I get a quote?What do I need to send through with my quote request?

To obtain a quote, please send the scope of works, photos of stove & electrical switchboard and reference MAM website where possible as an example.

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