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The Careport is a freestanding portable shower and toilet unit that can be set up at home. It can be installed in a few hours. It has been designed to provide easy access for carers and clients during showering/toileting. The Careport is a temporary bathroom solution during bathroom renovations. The Careport is available for  short or long term rental.

portable shower and toilet

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Quote: To obtain a quote, please send the scope of works, measurements/diagrams & photos of site and reference MAM website where possible as an example.

Installation: MAM will install the works as per the scope and Australian Standards with skilled tradesmen. MAM offers quick installation and turnaround for standard stocked items.

Two outwardly opening hinged doors with perspex panels. The doors have rubber edgings to contain the water. They are locked into the closed position using a centrally mounted fold down bracket with a handle.

Fibreglass slip resistant, textured surface

Hand held shower hand set can be fitted to an adjustable fitting which slides up and down a corner rail

Single lever mixer tap. Pull out to turn water on. Turn right for cold water. Turn left for hot water. Hot and cold water directions are clearly marked on wall

Water resistant fabric on front and one side
Comes to just below door / side panel level
Slides along a track

Standard toilet with lid. Two wall mounted flush buttons. A macerator is located at the rear of the unit and pumped into the sewerage system. A thermostatic mixing valve keeps the water temperature at maximum 37.5 degrees C.

Hose connects to household hot / cold water. Where the hot water system is not easily accessible and hot water supply unit can be provided. This is completely self contained with a safety tampering valve. It plugs into a three pin socket

The unit dismantles to several parts. Base, ceiling, three walls, two front doors, small ramp, two metal side rails, optional shower and / or toilet, plumbing accessories.


  • Requires access to a garden tap, 10am 240 volt power point and a sewer gully trap
  • Made from fibreglass base with PVC plastic sides and aluminium corner pieces
  • Components are easy to clean
  • Has a short ramp access
  • Conforming to the relevant Australian plumbing and electrical standards
  • Can provide easy access for carers to clients during showering / toileting. A carer is able to stand outside the unit and shower a person from the open side



  • Rented homes when a bathroom alteration is not an option
  • While bathroom renovations are taking place
  • Palliative care
  • Infectious disease isolation
  • Where a bathroom alteration is not feasible
  • During periods of rehabilitation

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