Lift Off Hinges

Lift-Off Hinges are an alternative of to Ross Safety Hinges. They are a hinge that is made up of two parts that can be pulled apart. This means the door can be removed by simply lifting it off its hinges if it becomes blocked from the inside. Please note that a small section of the top of the door must be removed and the lock disabled to allow for lifting.

Ross Safety Hinges

Ideal for toilets, any small room, bathrooms, laundry, etc . Most doors of small rooms open inwards into confined spaces. If a person collapses against such a door, prompt rescue and revival are extremely difficult. Ross Safety Hinges allows inward opening door to be opened outwards. Our professional team can install these onto almost any swing door  .

Rubber Access Ramps

All of our rubber ramps are manufactured in-house by our skilled team at our warehouse facility in Melbourne. They are made from 100% recycled rubber. We stock a range of standard sized rubber ramps and also custom make rubber ramps to order. In the instance a standard size rubber ramp will not work you can fill in our “custom rubber ramp form” or if you are located in Melbourne a member from our team can come to your home to measure for the rubber ramp.

Door Magnet and Post for External Doors

Magnetic door catches are a simple, yet very effective falls prevention product. They work by holding swing doors open for the user, to free up both hands while entering the doorway. Our magnetic door catches can be fitted to any door.

Vinyl Stepless Shower

Shower Base Insert