What is a shower insert & when do people need one?

Shower base inserts are a simple solution to increase safety in a shower by creating a level base shower.

A shower insert is a solid, one-piece insert manufactured from premium HDPE high-density
polyethylene. They are placed on the floor of a shower to remove thread removes the hazard of a shower base lip.

What are shower inserts made of?

Shower base inserts are manufactured from premium HDPE high density polyethylene, which is a durable plastic base material.


Shower base inserts have anti slip and self-draining features to ensure a fully functioning, safe shower space. Shower base inserts are constructed with a 15mm thick base and supporting legs.

When do people need shower inserts?

Shower inserts are a mere necessity for elderly people and people with disability. Shower inserts not only decreases the risk of slip hazards but are also useful to eliminate

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